• How the app works

    Entering your sleep patterns

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    At the first connection, the application offers you to answer 8 questions allowing you to know your sleep habits:
    Usual bedtime and wake-up time.
    Your age, because the quality of sleep varies with age.
    How easy it is to get up in the morning. Allows you to determine your chronotype: whether you like more morning , evening or mixed.
    Do you take a nap? If yes, the program will offer you moments of naps, if not, put no.

    With all this information, Gowwiz is able to trace the contours of your circadian cycle: meridian trough, melatonin secretion, maximum alertness...

    Attention ! The program works for users who do not have severe sleep problems, with a bedtime between 8 p.m. and 3 a.m. and sleeping between 5 and 10 hours per night. Outside of these time slots, the program will not be effective for the traveler.


    Want to change your information? Don't panic, on the home screen, you will have the possibility to redo the quiz.

    Entering your travel

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    If you know the number of your long-haul flight, enter it, Gowwiz will automatically find the place of departure, arrival and the corresponding time difference. The corresponding flight will be displayed as a ticket listing the relevant information.



    Why enter your flight number?

    By entering your flight number, Gowwiz will be able to organize your day of travel: time to get up 3 hours before the flight, specific actions during the flight.....



    I don't know my flight number / I have connections.

    If you do not know it or if you have connections (Los Angeles-New-York then Paris-New-York, for example), you can enter the entire route. The actions will thus be more relevant on the day of departure.

    Attention ! The time of the departure flight is at the time of the country of departure, the time of arrival is given at the time of the country of arrival.

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    The program

    Gowwiz, tha app against Jet lag
    Travel cool
    How to avoid jet lag?




    The program generated by Gowwiz depends on the number of hours of time difference. There is approximately one day of program for 2 hours of shift.

    It begins the day before departure, continues on the day of departure and continues between 1 and 5 days after landing.

    Take note of the program a few days before leaving to adapt your activities on site, if possible: hours of jogging or walks, meals with friends…. Think light and physical activity during the light exposure phases.









    The views

    There are different views, either the agenda view or the clock view. Use the one that is most readable for you!
    To access it, just click on the icons at the top right of the screen
    If you click on the actions, you will access a more detailed description with advice.


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    The app against jetlag

    I can't follow all the actions!

    Of course, you adapt the actions to your schedule!

    The awakening recommended by the program is not compatible with your departure time for the airport? No problem ! You don't have to follow the actions exactly, it's just a tip.

    The rhythm of your day does not allow you to follow the program? Try as much as possible to put yourself in the light (indoor or outdoor) at times of light exposure, while being active: talking, eating, moving; this will do!

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    What time zone is the program in?

    The time zone in which the program is offered appears at the top left of the screen.


    The program is at the start time on D-1. From your arrival and the following days, it takes place at the time of arrival. And in D0, it's up to you!

    New feature:

    Gowwiz accompanies you in taking your medication during your trip

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    Stress-free travel

    Are you taking medical treatment daily at a set time? Gowwiz accompanies you to resynchrononize its take in relation to your place of arrival.

    Enter the time of your treatment and the taking of mediaments will be part of the program and will be shifted gradually to arrive at the right time once on site. Gowwiz will send you a notification to allow you to travel serenely!


    What next ?



    The program disappears automatically after a few days.

    All you have to do is enjoy your stay!

    You will receive a notification to rate gowwiz, if you liked the program, if it facilitated your stay, do not hesitate to leave a review!

    Contact us

    A bug? A question? Would you like to contact us?

    You can write to us at the following address: contact@gowwiz.com


    Gowwiz wishes you a good flight and a good stay!