• The StarLight Project

    The first transatlantic flight based on chronobiology

    Objective: prove the effectiveness of the principles of this medical discipline on jet lag 


    Embark on an experimental flight where life on board will be based on chronobiology:

    Meals will be adapted.

    The optimized light.

    Reduced travel fatigue.


    Your destination from Paris : New York


    We will convince you and you will live a unique experience to advance research.

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    The StarLight project


    Did you know that? Today, long-haul flights are organized as follows: takeoff, meals, lights out, meals, landing. Life on board does not consider the biological rhythm of the traveller.

    In 2023, the airline Qantas (Australia) experimented with 3 very long-haul flights (Sydney-London) basing the life aboard their planes on chronobiology: Exposure to optimized light, adapted feeding, possibility of movements.... travelers arrived more rested at their destination and their cognitive abilities were improved the first two days of their stay.


    The startup Gowwiz, in partnership with a scientific research institute, invites you to participate in the first transatlantic flight during which life on board will be based on chronobiology.


    The goal: to prove to travelers and airlines the effectiveness of this medical discipline and make the travel evolve.

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    Gowwiz, the startup

    Annick Le Bihan is the founder of Gowwiz, the solution developed in partnership with the CHU and the Sleep Center of Brest (France) that reduces the effects of jet lag on travelers.

    Gowwiz assist the traveler by offering him, via a mobile application, a personalized program based on his sleep habits and destination.

    Gowwiz is also an API for tourism professionals, a support for hoteliers and tomorrow, an additional service for airlines.

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    Project launch

    To convince travelers, airlines and investors, Gowwiz charters a plane for a Paris-New-York round trip.

    The experiment carried out on board by a research institute, will aim to prove the effectiveness of chronobiology on jet lag syndrome. and will result in a scientific publication.

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